Tribulus Limited

Our Story

From isolated high-alpine backcountry expeditions, to riding freight trains and both road and dirt bike touring, we've seen a plentitude of travel modalities and a plethora of gear to support those ends.

Lifelong cyclists, we have always been inspired by the accessibility and DIY ethos of the global bicycle culture.

The foundation of our design experience is informed by over fifteen years of building gear for ourselves and others. From daypacks to panniers, simple tarps and catenary-cut multi-panel pyramid shelters, internal and external-framed load haulers and traditional offroad bikepacking kit, we've designed from scratch nearly every kind of modern outdoor adventure gear under the sun.

In 2001, we began building our own gear because we couldn't find what we needed, or couldn't afford to buy high-priced custom. Through the next ten years, we followed the development of Ultralight long-distance Backpacking as it became more and more accessible. Building with the hottest new tech fabrics, working with sailcloth mills to design custom spec and generally obsessing over gram counting, we gobbled up the ultralight ethos hook line and sinker. This allowed us to go farther, faster and with greater connection to both our own skillset and adventure at hand.

Into the 2010's, a sort of equilibrium has been sought, moving away from cost-prohibitive and zealous ultralight and tech gear snobbery, to building designs that work for a majority of users, are robust enough to be hard-wearing, reasonably priced and keep focus on the adventure itself. 

We are interested in sharing our creative process with the world at large because we hope to inspire a do-it-yourself motivation among those interested making their own gear.