Tribulus Limited


Endover Setup and Attachment


Inventory of Straps

The Endover and Mini-Endover come with 8 Straps, 4 buckles and 4 velcro loops.

*The drawcord at throat of bag will already be pre-installed, and if using a Standard Endover( with side pockets), the pocket shock-cord will be pre-installed as well.


Back of Bag - Default Setup

-Handlebar straps at widest positions on upper daisy chain.

-Fork straps at widest positions on lower daisy chains

- Compression straps at third position from sides, threaded through triglide buckle and wrapped under bag.


Front of Bag - Default Setup

-Short compression straps attached at widest position on daisy chain.

- Long compression straps come from under bag and slot through the front daisy chain

-Velcro loops attached to buckles

-Side-release buckles with cam mechanism attached to long compression straps

-Side release buckles attached to shorter compression straps